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Ladies Phaeton

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Manufacturer:   Guiet of Paris

carriage -2 seat surrey -Rock Island Plow Company

Manufacturer:  Rock Island Plow Company

New wheels/rubber tires, new patent leather fenders & dash.  Needs paint & upholstery. 

Price $  4,000.00

Lamps by M T Gleeson sell separately for $750.00 for the pair.
GT Gleason carriage lamps




2 Seat Spring Wagon

Manufacturer:  Velie Carriage Company,  Moline, Ill.

Spring wagon mfg tag - Velie Carriage Co. Moline, Ill.ll

New body, new patent leather dash, new shafts, wheels tightened with new spindles, fresh dark green paint, new upholstery.   

Price:  $  5,500.00
Chuck Wagon

Chuck wagon without awning

Chuck wagon with awning opened up

Chuck box open

Manufacturer:  Unknown
Price:  $8,500.00

Flare Board Spring Wagon

Flare board spring wagon
Manufacturer:  Unknown
Flare Board Wagon
Priced as Yard Art   $1,850.00 
* With Wheel Work This Can Be A Usable Vehicle *

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buggy project

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1897  Bachelor's Brougham - Brewster of Broome St.